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Cultural Arts
Ally's Gourmet Kitchen offers hour long culinary programs. With our state of the art CULINARY CART, the classroom comes to you.  

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Services Available: Student Workshop

Description of Services:
Queen Margherita and the Neapolitan Pizza Named After Her: The students will learn
about the history of Queen Margherita and the pizza created for her, and will create their
version of the famous Margherita pizza from start to finish. They will learn about the
history of the Neapolitan region (via visual representation) and the famous Queen
Margherita. The teacher will do a demonstration, and then students will be able to
replicate Queen Margherita’s pizza using their own dough and fresh tomato sauce,
mozzarella cheese, and basil. The teacher will informally assess the visual presentation of
the students’ pizzas.

Grade Level: All ages

Number of Participants: Min. 1 – Max. 12

Duration: 1 workshop at 1 hour per workshop

Afterschool programs, Out of School Camps, Seniors,
Shelter-based, Community-based, School-based, Public
Housing, At-Risk, Juvenile Justice,

SS: LA.A.2.3.6, LA.A.1.3.1, LA.C.1.3.1, LA.C.3.3.2

Culinary Arts
06.0: Demonstrate and incorporate workplace safety procedures.
13.0: Describe the principles of basic food science.
17.01: Explain the role of the five senses in cooking,presenting, and eating food.

Fees: $12.00 per student

Disciplines: Visual Arts, Culinary